Le Mans
1 BU Le Mans 2671 p.

Picture and Pedigree



1 BU Le Mans 2671 p.
5 BU Le Mans 798 p.
5 BU Blois 2671 p.
20 BU Blois 1012 p.
3 Ace >1/2 LD Vilvoorde
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Sire is the old strain Vervloesem - Semeelen
Dam is Blauwe Kweekduivin B6358232-03, granddaughter of the 178 Engels (via Marc Van Eynde)
Dam is also dam to Emmanuelle, 1 s- nat. Châteauroux
Le Mans is nestmate Mannequin (1 BU Châteauroux)


Some history