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Kaasboer Dynasty at the loft of Patrick Vervloesem

As a good friend of Gaston Van de Wouwer, Patrick Vervloesem possesses plenty of Kaasboer Gold.

B6335690 98 Kaasboer

Bieke, inbred daughter of the Kaasboer

Most of the Kaasboer collection in Rijmenam came via Bieke, a splendid inbred daughter of the Kaasboer x his own granddaughter Greetje.

In 2011 Bieke came to the breeding loft of Patrick for a couple of month so he could breed from her whatever he wanted. In Rijmenam Bieke was coupled to an excellent son of the famous Bak 13. He got 3 pair of youngsters out of this superior coupling.

B6031794 10 Bieke DamGold

Due to external circumstances, Patrick Vervloesem had 3 years of inactivity in pigeon racing. But after 2017 the offspring of Bieke x Son Bak 13 proved their quality and excellent genes...

(Click on the diagram to see a larger view)
Schema Glen

Ace pigeons

As one can see, Bieke gave a lot of excellent pigeons, especially in second generation.

Bieke is grandmother to 3 national ace pigeons on the long distance (700 km)

4 nat. Ace LD KBDB 2020 (B6124033-18)

4 nat. Ace Rhone Valley KBDB 2020 (B6124033-18)

11 nat. Ace LD KBDB 2013 (B6226047-12)

12 nat. Ace LD KBDB 2020(B6124217-18)

A precious present 

In 2014, Patrick Vervloesem got a special present from Gaston Van de Wouwer: two heavily inbred granddaughters of Kaasboer, out his favourite hen Bieke. He called them Kaasboer Gold and Kaasboer Silver.
A diagram makes it clear how Kaasboer Gold and Kaasboer Silver were doubly inbred to Kaasboer.

Schema Gold

Rik or "Den 98"

Kaasboer had many hens as partner, but the best was without a doubt the super hen of Henderickx. With Kaasboer she gave:

  • Rik, sire of Tia, 2 nat. La Souterraine
  • Den Bourges, 1 prov. Bourges and sire of 3 nat. Bourges
  • Dam of Barbara who won 3 x 1st provincial
  • Sire of Mirthe
  • Torre, sire of Kim 1 nat. Guéret and grandsire of Miss Blue, 1 nat. Argenton

Rik is sire of Tia

  • 2 nat. La Souterraine 3562 p.
  • 11 nat. Gueret 2953 p.
  • 15 iprov. Vierzon 11062 p

Rik is sire of Lila

  • 10 nat. Guéret 2656 p.
  • 30 natz. Guéret 1646 p.

Rik is sire of Sandy

  • 11 prov. Blois 1169 p.
  • 26 natz. Montluçon 2373 p.

Rik is also grandsire of 

  • Olympiade Gaston (Uwe Berg), 1 Osnabrück 1786 p.
  • Noor, 1 snat. Vierzon 10480 p.
  • Snowrice, 1 prov. Salbris 1837 p.
  • 10 nat. Châteauroux 2721 p.
  • 21 nat. Bourges 28446 p.
  • Jetje 1 La Souterraine 1588 p.
  • Maya 1 prov. Blois 1391 p.
  • Miss Vierzon, 1 iprov. Vierzon 2900 p. (Van Eynde-Goovaerts)


B6257098 03 Rik

As one can see in the diagram and the pedigree, the sisters Kaasboer Gold and Silver are inbred to Rik.

 B6300339 14 KaasboerGold  B6300340 14 KaasboerSilver  

Kaasboer Gold
ikoonped   B6300339 14 KaasboerGold eye

Gaston Van de Wouwer

Inbred Kaasboer
Top breeding hen
Dam of

1 Issoudun 986 p.
1 Momignies 785 p.
1 Momignies 646 p.
1 Momignies 436 p.
1 Momignies 384 p.
1 Soissons 203 p.

Kaasboer Silver
  ikoonped   B6300340 14 KaasboerSilver eye

Gaston Van de Wouwer

Inbred Kaasboer

Dam of Sylvie

13 DH Chateauroux 794 p.

47 BU Blois 3277 p.

70 CFW Argenton 4284 p


Also the father is big class 

Not only the mother of Kaasboer Gold and Kaasboer Silver goes straight to Kaasboer. Their sire is also a grandson of Kaasboer... and he has a beautiful eye.
B6119106 11 Topper106 SireGold

Kaasboer Gold... a new gold mine in Rijmenam

The offspring of both sisters proved very successful. Especially Kaasboer Gold is an outstanding breeder in combination with the best line of Vervloesem, that of the Super Breeder

(Click on the diagram to see a larger view)

Schema Magic

New Kaasboer additions 2018-2019

 In 2018 and 2019 Gaston Van de Wouwer offered some of his proven breeders to Patrick Vervloesem and allowed him to breed one or more rounds of youngsters the way he wanted to.

In the table you can see that the offered pigeons were really of the top class at Berlaar. In fact all seven of these pigeons were sold for a lot of money in de final sale of 2020 (for 55.000, 42.500, 15.000, 10.000 and so on Euros.


 B6072278 14 BroerLaura  B6072460 14 HfBrLaura de460  B6285003 15 HfStMaria

Brother Laura
ikoonped  ikoonwouw B6072278 14 BroerLaura eye

Gaston Van de Wouwer

Brother 1 nat. Bourges 17061 p.
Brother 1 natz. Poitiers 2538 p.

Grandson Kaasboer

Sire Lauranneke

12 nat. Châteauroux 1712 p.

Grandson Kaasboer
  ikoonped ikoonwouw  B6072460 14 HfBrLaura de460 eye

Gaston Van de Wouwer

Half brother Laura
1 nat. Bourges 17061 p.

Half brother Serena

1 natz. Poitiers 2538 p.

Grandson Kaasboer



Half sister Maria
  ikoonped ikoonwouw  B6285003 15 HfStMaria eye   


Gaston Van de Wouwer


Half sister Maria:
1 nat. Châteauroux
4 nat. La Souterraine
4 nat. Ace GMD KBDB

Inbred Kaasboer


 B6072346 14 BrMdMaria  B6072225 14 Nora  B6072386 14 HfBrSelleke

Brother Dam Maria
ikoonped ikoonwouw  B6072346 14 BrMdMaria eye

Gaston Van de Wouwer

Uncle Maria:
1 nat. Châteauroux
4 nat. La Souterraine
4 nat. Ace GMD KBDB

Grandson Kaasboer

Grandson Barbara

  ikoonped ikoonwouw  B6072225 14 Nora eye

Gaston Van de Wouwer

Line 4 nat. Argenton

Daughter Ida, inbred Kaasboer

Half brother Selleke
  ikoonped ikoonwouw  B6072386 14 HfBrSelleke eye   


Gaston Van de Wouwer


Grandson Kaasboer

Grandson 3 nat. Bourges

Half brother Selleke, 

grandsire New Kim

Brother sire 2 nat. Bourges

Line Kannibaal

 B6023006 16 KlznJulia    

Grandson Julia
ikoonped ikoonwouw  B6023006 16 KlznJulia eye

Gaston Van de Wouwer


Brother dam 1 nat. Argenton

Brother grandsire 1 prov. Argenton

Half brother of

20 nat. Châteauroux 
3 prov. Vierzon 
6 prov. Argenton 
11 prov. Issoudun

11 prov. Le Mans